Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who let the dogs out?

My boyfriend owns the most hideous T-shirt known to man. To give you a sense of what this looks like, imagine a blow-up image of a pair of heavy duty headphones with the heads of large, teeth and gum bearing, slobbering dogs barking at one another from the ear pieces. Then add a big stamp that states, "BEWARE MY DOGS." He bought it at Tello's for Halloween one year and, bafflingly enough, continues to wear it.

I came close to taking this shirt to the Red Cross clothing drive box, but was caught in the act.

That's my nightshirt! He exclaimed as he tugged it out of the bag.

I guess I should be glad he doesn't wear the shirt in public. I have to admit, when I'm home trying to read a book or we're having dinner, and I look across the table at that T-shirt, it kind of makes me cringe.

In any case, one morning, this shirt sparked a conversation about a particularly painful quote by Mitt Romney:


What was Mitt thinking? Now, if he had been wearing a T-shirt that says, BEWARE MY DOGS, I might have understood where he's coming from.

woof! woof!


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J.S. said...

Holy $#!&, how did I let that gem slip by at the time? Good old Mitt....

flutterbyblue said...

...a priceless moment preserved for eternity on YouTube.