Friday, June 6, 2008

flutterbyblue: Anime character

Last month I was informed that the source of my eyestrain problems was in fact quite common among graduate students. At twenty-something years old, I needed reading glasses. With (blurry) visions of plastic granny glasses on fake gold chain in my head I reluctantly trekked over to the nearest For Eyes to pick out a pair.
The trauma did not end there. I was also informed that people with vision as poor as mine are at risk for detached retinas. That sounded almost as horrible as the preventative measures I would have to take.

Dilating eye drops: or how to turn morph into an Anime character

The doctor called me into his office and administered three sets of eye drops. I was then told to sit out in the waiting room for 20 minutes. I'm not sure what's in those atropine drops, but some of them dripped down onto my tongue during the rather messy application process. As I sat in the increasingly blurry waiting room, I noted the increasing numbness of the tip of my tongue. Weird. Following a not entirely pleasant series of lights and prodding, my left eye was declared to have a "weak spot" and it was then suggested that I avoid "blunt trauma" to my face. The doctor suggested I refrain from taking up boxing as a hobby. Thanks.

As I don't actually own a pair of prescription sunglasses, I made my way home, blind, and very light-sensitive. Pitifully I looked in the mirror only to discover that my pupil had dilated so much I looked like an Anime character. Very freaky.


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