Monday, October 15, 2007

more on yogurt...

A few weeks ago I suffered the sad misfortune of chomping down on the tip of my tongue while eating a very delicious platter of tagliatelle alla bolognese. Not only was I in constant searing pain as a result, but just about the only thing I could eat for a week was yogurt. If you haven't realized from reading this blog, food is just about my favorite thing on earth. Depressed and resigned to having a frustratingly dull (and painful) series of yogurt meals for the next several days I went to Whole Foods to see just how much delicious food I would not be able to eat.

Lucky for me, the local Whole Foods happened to have a promotional event right outside in the parking lot. A company called rachel's was serving samples of a rich, creamy organic yogurt. On display they had a fabulous plum lavender honey option in addition to pomegranate blueberry and kiwi passionfruit. I tried all three.

Rachel's associate: "So what do you think of our flavors?"

Me (slurring slightly -- the gash on my tongue also impeded speech): "Theethe are THO delithious! I LOVE THEM!!!"

And here is where my luck really changed for the better. The sales reps were getting ready to pack things up because it was the end of the day. They also appeared to be trying to get rid of all the excess yogurt.

Rachel's associate: "If you like the yogurt, why don't you take some home with you?"

My suspicious boyfriend was convinced this was a profit rouse and proceeded to point out all the things wrong with the product. It was too sweet for his (bland) palate and tasted an awful lot like dessert (which is a bad thing because...?) The sales rep was undeterred and offered me three cases of the yogurt at no charge. Ignoring the suspicious boyfriend I happily accepted and trotted off with my caloric intake for the week.

3 (free!) cases X 12 yogurts per case = 36 yogurts

3 yogurts per day X 8 days = 24 yogurts (plenty extra to share with friends)

I spent the next several days consuming vast quantities of this gourmet yogurt. Despite eating the same yogurt for 8 days in a row I never got tired of the flavors (they were too unique) and even now would happily head back to Whole Foods for more. Turns out Rachel's is an organic dairy company from the UK that is trying out the market in the U.S. After my troubled tongue experience I would say they have at least one supportive buyer in Boston.
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