Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Icelandic!

On my most recent trip to London (and by recent, I mean within the past 12 months...) I had an early morning stopover in Iceland. At 4.40am Icelandic time there's not *too* much to see at the small Reykjavik terminal except for the occasional tall, thin model-worthy Icelandic blonde passing through or the small (but surprisingly rowdy at 4.40am) crowd of British rugby players on stopover to Dublin oggling said tall, thin model-worthy Icelandic blondes. Thanks to the presence of a small airport shop, in addition to confirming my distaste for obnoxious rugby players, I managed to confirm my appreciation for Icelandic food. While snarfing up spoonfuls of the deliciously creamy skyr, I wondered just how many kronas (ISK) there are to the U.S. dollar.

A recent article in Daily Candy pointed out that Icelandic food is on the rise in Boston. So no need to spend the early hours of the morning tuning out British raucousness or enviously staring at the incredibly blonde blondness of the local fauna. One can just stop over at the nearest Whole Foods for your fill of smjör, Hofdingi and Stóri Dímon. Why not pick up a bar of Nói Síríus chocolate while you're at it.


p.s. While surfing the web in search of images of Nói Síríus chocolate, I came upon this gem of a blog, GastroShark!

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