Thursday, October 4, 2007

A degree in FroYo

Well, ok, maybe not a degree IN FroYo, but one of the newest, cutest frozen dessert spots in Harvard Square is run by a couple of guys with biology and biochemistry that is.


Yup, turns out those of us tediously plodding along our given academic paths CAN in fact take alternate routes! Eric "Pok" Yang and Matthew Wallace are good friends and now business partners of their own creation, BerryLine, a little enterprise specializing in frozen yogurt and locally grown fresh fruit toppings. Yang, a biology researcher at Harvard Medical School, and Wallace, a biochemistry researcher at MIT, had been planning to open a business since the day they met as PhD students at UCLA. After entertaining a variety of ideas, the pair finally settled on the yogurt business. And what a business it is... from 9am-11pm on weekdays and until midnight on weekends, this bright little spot in Harvard Square will have a line out the door most evenings. What draws in the locals from across the street, the college kids from across the yard and this particular graduate student from across the Square? The FROYO. It's...AMAZING. Rich, creamy and tasting an awful lot like yogurt, it's topped with the freshest blackberries, strawberries or peaches along with any assortment of cracker, cookie or cereal crumbles (fruity pebbles is one option!) Possibly the most impressive feat is the ability of the co-owners to put in full days at the lab and then spend their entire evenings serving FroYo to happy customers.

If these guys had opened in June they would have made a killing over the summer. Let's hope they survive the winter because when it comes to FroYo, these guys more than make the grade.


One Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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