Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why Dali's is my favorite bar...

On the way home from a Bela Fleck concert, the VW van broke down in the middle of an intersection. Or rather, the VW van stopped working because it ran out of gas. Yes, despite all the mechanical problems this road beast has had (squeaky gear shift, spontaneously honking horn, lack of interior heat -- it's winter in Boston, by the way) it was the lack of gas that did it in. The driver tried to restart the engine a few times and we jokingly said that we could get out and push. Eventually, the driver turned around and said,

"You guys need to get out and push."

While trying to push the VW van into a conveniently located parking lot, one of the employees from Dali's (now my favorite bar ever!) came running out to give us a hand. He was wearing the typical Dali's garb: black pants and a bright red button down shirt with ruffles up the front. I never really questioned this outfit when sitting INSIDE the dimly lit bar, but out on the street, pushing an old VW van...well, it was quite a sight. After multiple attempts we managed to "park" the van right next to a small compact car, losing only one headlamp in the process (from the VW not the compact.)

All in all it was a fun and entertaining evening! After all, who could complain after a night of fabulous bluegrass banjo music, an eventful ride home and the help of a red ruffled samaritan? And the best part of it all: Dali's is only a block away from my apartment!


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