Thursday, March 20, 2008


One of the drawbacks to keeping a blog is realizing that probably no one ever reads it. On a whim I decided to check and see just how few people check this site (other than myself, my mom, and a couple of friends) and was surprised to find links from

I am a HUGE fan of

As it turned out, my blogsite had been relegated to a small sidebar off an article regarding Malcolm Gladwell's appearance on This American Life. I was classified as one of the, "radio listeners who took [Malcolm Gladwell's] talk as nonfiction" and, "confirm[ed] the origins of Gladwell's too-glib-by-half writing: contempt for the reader."


Upon a second read of my own entry, I find that what I lack here is a point of view. I basically presented the story as it was told on This American Life. Take it as fact or fiction; the only goal was to entertain. And isn't that really the point?

Just because I spend the boring commuting hours listening to podcasts and the boring work hours blogging about it, does that now make me a contemptible reader? Well, I do read

Ah, to be so self-involved.


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Tristan said...

Hello there, thanks for commenting on my post. I hadn't heard about the article, but I read through it and wrote about it on my blog.

Also, I love your blog! It has so many fantastic photos. I'm looking forward to checking it out more.