Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas wishlist

Stuck at home with "flu-like" symptoms, there wasn't much to do but read a trashy book and surf the web. While online window shopping I decided to start my Christmas wish-list:

1) An Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan

These things look amazing. I am actually not a huge pancake person, but I love the idea of filling your pancake with whatever filling strikes your fancy. These adorable little puffs of deliciousness would be perfect for Sunday brunch or even for dessert. Having a spacious midwest kitchen means there is always room for another ridiculous kitchen item.

2) A Roomba

One our least favorite tasks is vacuuming the house. The spacious midwest lifestyle means you often have a lot more floor space than you're used to. Our split-level foyer house would be PERFECT for a roomba. Think of how easy it would be to have a little bot do all of your cleaning...ah the luxury...

3) A Birling Ruffle Coat

As if I didn't already have enough beruffled items in my closet, a coat that I'd been eyeing since it first came out is now on sale. Now that's hard to resist. Although it is a bit unusual - check out how it looks on the model. Pretty fabulous, no? Well, even if you don't agree, I think the coat looks fantastic. Still, a bit pricey for my budget this Birling Ruffle Coat is going on my Christmas wishlist. Then again, sale items never last for long. I may reconsider this option once my next paycheck rolls in...

Well, enough daydreaming and window shopping - what I really need is some Tylenol and sleep...


Images lifted from www.williams-sonoma.com, amazon.com, and www.kaboodle.com

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Chic and Charming said...

We have the pancake pan and it is amazing!