Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chacarero (part II)

The other day I made a special trip out for a Chacarero fix. For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing Chilean sandwich, it begins with homemade bread (flat, slightly sweet with a bit of salt) that is topped with thinly sliced grilled chicken, steamed green beans, Muenster cheese, fresh tomatoes and then a delicious avocado spread, salt, pepper and a spicy sauce. What really made my day was the beef empanada I had on the side - the empanada was made with a light, delicious crust, and filled with a juicy mix of ground beef, boiled egg, olives, onion, and what tasted like sweet grapes. It was the most amazing empanada I've ever had. YUM!

I somehow doubt the Chilean sandwich has made it's way out to Iowa City...


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pahkcah02 said...

I <3 Chac's. I 86 the cheese and ask for extra hot sauce instead. Oh, how I miss working in Boston.....