Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Foodie

Love this Teatime Hamper from Fortnum and Mason:
It comes with a little fruit cake, some marmalade to go on your buttered toast, loose leaf tea, and some sweets to go with your cuppa. Plus it all comes packaged in a quaint wicker hamper. How British!

I am awaiting the day when one of these places opens in Boston. There's nothing quite like the food halls of London.

Another fabulous gift (for the foodie) is this fascinating Salts of the World sampler:
Try anything from Italian Trapani Sea Salt to Seoul Bamboo Salt to Black Lava Salt. The list goes on. I've always wondered whether pink salt really tastes any different from blue salt...

Although I admit this weirds me out, handmade "sushi" chocolates from Suedy's Koo-Ki Sushi make for a cute stocking stuffer:
These pieces come with hand-molded dark or white chocolate plates, artfully edged with edible copper or gold luster. The sushi may look real, but it's all dessert - crisp rice cookies, apricot flavored "gummi-eggs", bits of caramel, chocolate, and meringue.

Prefer something a bit healthier? How about a basket of baby veggies:
Send your favorite foodie friend a selection of artichokes, beets, broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, eggplant, carrots...all in miniature!


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Manggy said...

All great ideas! I'm already dreaming of the baby salad I'll be making with that basket, hee hee :)

Jaime said...

what neat gift ideas!

Salty Mouth said...

I'm always looking for unique gift ideas. Apart from gift baskets, flavored sea salts also make wonderful stocking stuffers for those who love to cook.

From a biased perspective, I make artisan Fleur de Sel salts in Seattle.

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