Saturday, November 8, 2008

Adopt a Turkey

Every year for Thanksgiving I am faced with the challenge of making an edible alternative to the traditional Turkey dinner. Last year I tried roasting an entire pumpkin stuffed with root vegetables. Sadly, the roasting time was off and the pumpkin (and stuffing) turned out hard, flavorless and far less appealing than the succulent poultry beast sitting next to it.

This year, I came across a novel idea (for a meat-eater at least). For a mere $25 adoption fee, one can ADOPT A TURKEY and save it from the frightening prospect of becoming someone's Thanksgiving meal.

There are two ways to adapt a Turkey:

1. Sponsor "adopt" a turkey who lives at Watkins Glen, New York or Orland, California shelter for farm animals. For a one-time $25 adoption fee, you will receive:

A special Adopt-A-Turkey certificate with color photo of and fun details about your new friend
- A Farm Sanctuary membership for one year,
- A one-year subscription to Sanctuary, our quarterly newsletter.
- As a turkey sponsor, you will not only contribute funds for the care of the rescued animals at our sanctuaries, but will also help us educate and advocate for turkeys, and other farm animals, everywhere.

Adopt a turkey online or by phone at 1-888-SPONSOR.

2. Home adopt and provide a safe, permanent and loving home for two or more turkeys.

Home adopters must be vegetarian and committed to providing lifelong care for their turkey friends. Individuals interested in home adoption must complete an adoption application. Turkey companions are personally delivered to approved adopters by Farm Sanctuary staff via the Turkey Express.

Option two I find quite intriguing. Apparently Turkey's require companionship and thus individuals who wish to home adopt must agree to provide a "safe and loving" home for at least two Turkeys. Which leads me to my next question:

Can one eat Turkey eggs?

As it turns out, Turkey eggs are edible. However, it is unclear from the website whether or not adoption includes a breeding pair.


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