Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cowboy boots

Obsessed with the notion of getting a pair of cowboy boots, but not entirely sure this is the fashion direction I should take (see blog entry on spats), I decided to peruse the web and see just how fashion (un)savy I might be. A google search led to this hilarious article, "What (and what not) to wear with cowboy boots." Says this fashion expert:

"You just don't wear an ordinary skirt or dress with cowboy boots unless you are wearing your cowboy boots to milk the cow...If you square dance or line dance there are special outfits to wear with your cowboy boots. The square dance outfit is a ruffled and tiered square dance skirt with a peasant type blouse or western style blouse."

As I don't own any long suede skirts or fringed jackets, I might follow advice from instead:

1) Invest in a good quality pair of cowboy boots, since you will likely have these for a long time. Look for a neutral color, such as black, brown or camel.

2) Consider opting for special details such as contrast stitching or hand tooling.

3) Wear cowboy boots with jeans and a long cardigan or tunic. This look can go just about anywhere you do on the weekends or after work.

4) Slip cowboy boots on over skinny jeans and a dress. This is a look some of the celebrities have been seen in lately and is a very clean, modern style. Realize that the skinny jeans can look almost like tights if they are fitted enough.

5) Try cowboy boots with a cocktail dress and dark tights to add a casual and unexpected vibe.

6) Step into cowboy boots beneath nicer wide leg pants. The narrow point of the toe will give you a long, sleek line.

7) Consider wearing cowboy boots with a mini skirt and layer tanks. This is a sexy, confident style for a night on the town that won’t look like you are trying too hard.

8) Remember that you don’t have to dress like a cowgirl to wear cowboy boots. These can be a nice addition to modern, conservative and trendy pieces.

Another website strongly recommended not going "cowboy themed." Unless you want to end up looking like Daisy Dukes, that seems like sound advice to me.


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Anonymous said...

Found your blog from your etsy shop! I'm a huge fan of your jumbo critter-like bangles, SO fashion forward.

That said, a word about the boots.

I'd suggest you pick a non-kitschy shade (anything besides pastels and red) and nix on the sassy fringe. They tend to look best with (for brown boots) tucked-in skinny jeans and a flirty, romantic top, or (jeweltones, black) a pair of tights and a sexy, slippery sheath in black, white, or neutrals. Possibly pair with a tailored leather jacket.

Happy shopping! :)

flutterbyblue said...

Thanks so much for the tips! I'll definitely keep that in mind. :)

Unknown said...

This made me smile. I finally indulged in a kick-ass pair of brown cowboy boots from Sundance catalog last Fall and I love them. I am not a fan of country music nor do I live in the wild, wild west, but with a great pair of jeans or cute skirt, my boots make me feel strong and sexy and slightly rebellious. All good things.

Tim said...

I also recommend not to go too cowboy themed, check out my site about the cute cowgirl boots .

Rosy said...

Thanks for your tips. The boots are really very awesome. They are very comfortable to wear on any occasion.