Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One of my friends just wished me a Happy Easter/Passover, aka E-Pass. Isn’t that a great term? As a former practicing non-Jew married to a never-practicing Jew, I do appreciate the acceptance of our modern age. Tonight I am hoping to make a very basic Passover meal, complete with (vegetarian) matzo ball soup and a side of charoset. While there aren’t too many Jews in Iowa City, I did notice a single folding table at our local HyVee, displaying a few boxes of matzo, a couple packages of egg noodles, and some jars of (rather unappetizing) matzo ball soup. I could not find matzo meal or even that boxed matzo ball mix anywhere in the store (not even in the “International” aisle.) Ah well. Supposedly one can make homemade matzo meal simply by crushing up some matzo crackers. We’ll see how this goes…

Happy E-Pass everyone!!!


p.s. Speaking of the Jewish tradition, if you haven't already seen A Serious Man, I highly recommend it!

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momblog said...

you could use your food processor -that might work