Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moosehide mukluks

One thing I dread about moving to the midwest is the cold. I don't like cold weather. Despite having grown up in the Boston area, windchill and ice are not my friend. Granted, I did walk half an hour each way to work for at least 4 winters. There was that one winter it got so cold people were told not to leave their homes except for emergencies. Rather than listen to this seemingly sound advice, I donned extra layers of long underwear, wrapped my face with a muffler, and popped open several of those self-warming packets you find at EMS. By the time I got to work, the handwarmers were cold and crunchy.

Those days of bravery are so over. Now, if the weather drops anywhere below freezing I'll gladly stay home with a cup of tea and my computer. There are perks to being in graduate school.

Hunting around the web I managed to find some tips on staying warm in the midwest. However warmth does not equal stylish. This might be a problem. Then again, if it's subzero temps with -80 windchill, maybe I won't care so much about how I look. I actually wouldn't mind a pair of mukluks - they certainly can't be any worse than Ugg boots!


Images lifted from www.mukluks.com and sidewalkdog.com


pahkcah02 said...

Wait...are you moving to flyover country? When????

flutterbyblue said...

I won't know for sure until this Friday...we would probably move over the summer.