Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All that glitters...

Ever since I was little I've been obsessed with sparkly things. As the euphoria of Elmer's glue and glitter faded, it was rapidly replaced with a tendency towards sparkly eye shadows. Imagine my excitement when Bare Escentuals came out with the limited edition Extreme Glimmers line. I saw it first on the Sephora website and went to check it out in person. Were these amazing flakes of color really as shimmery as they look online?


And then some. With each swipe of the teeny brush that comes with the kit, one gains an increasingly metallic shimmer that is truly unparalleled. Surprisingly the large sparkly flakes do not irritate the eyes and are thin and delicate enough to lay on with the same smooth application of the other Bare Escentuals eye shadows. These would be perfect for a glam version of an 80's prom queen Halloween costume or for the upcoming holidays.


Image lifted from www.Sephora.com

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