Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I guess I should consider myself lucky to have avoided the bug all these years. Although I've spent plenty of time feeding other people NyQuill and tea, I'd forgotten how wretched it feels to actually have the flu myself. Fortunately, before the high fever, chills and muscle aches set in, I managed to enjoy one last decadent meal at the new L'Espalier location.

We arrived bedraggled with umbrellas turned inside out, and were greeted with the same pleasant-not-TOO-pretentious attitude of the old L'Espalier restaurant. After some confusion over tables we were ushered into a glass elevator complete with two comfy chairs to recline upon the entire three floors up. We were seated in the ultra modern open dining room by the large windows facing the street from which we watched drenched afternoon shoppers make their way along the windy sidewalks. $%&#s to be them!

For lunch I had the L’Espalier’s “B.L.T,” a delectable lobster salad with green tomato, smoked bacon and avocado butter on top of a toasted buttery brioche style bread and served with homemade paprika potato chips, followed by the L’Espalier’s artisanal cheese plate. All DELISH. Despite my better judgment, I also opted for a wild orchid and lychee martini. I couldn't resist. It was, in fact, very delicious - well-balanced, smooth with just the right amount of lychee sweetness and a wafting of fresh orchid from the infused vodka. It was also the last thing I remember tasting before the fever rapidly descended.

Hopefully the worst of the flu is over by now and I can soon go back to every day life - even if it's mostly on the outside looking in.


p.s. Kudos to the one who picked out all those crazy glass chandeliers for the L'Espalier dining room!

774 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199
(617) 262-3023


pahkcah02 said...

Everybody's getting sick for some reason. Feel better, Carolyn!

flutterbyblue said...

Thanks! only a week later and I'm finally feeling almost-normal again...

claire said...

I have dreams about that sandwich. What did you think of the old vs new? same quality and feeling?

flutterbyblue said...

Based on my limited experience, it appears that the quality of the food certainly has not slipped after the move! The feel of the restaurant is completely different - the space is large and open, but not overdone (vs the homeyness of the old location.)

Overall, I think the quality is the same (very high), but the feeling is a bit changed - probably L'Espalier will do much better with the prime real estate and larger dining room (although it makes for a less unique dining experience.)