Friday, August 1, 2008

Bleach Painting: moth to flame

I love this piece by moth to flame. Deborah Gwinn works from her small design studio in Seattle atop a hill with a scenic view. In her words:

Not that it hasn't been great to work in my pajamas and slippers if I want, but my “assistants”, that are now 3 and 4, are less than cooperative and much more demanding than I had imagined they would be. They do not follow orders well, talk incessantly and completely off topic during client meetings, and throw grapes and other snack foods at me if ignored for too long. I have written them both up on several occasions but I don’t think they are grasping the full severity of the situation. While firing them is out of the question, I think a transfer to a Day Care division may be necessary.

Gwinn's work is surreal and organic with rich, earthy tones. She also has a website and a blog site where you can read more about her bleach painting technique.



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