Monday, February 4, 2008

First Fridays

One of my good friends has an after work happy hour once a month dubbed, "First Fridays." I've never actually been to the event (which seems to involve port sipping and awkward conversation) but I do use it as an excuse to hold a happy hour of our own later in the evening. I generally warn her a week in advance that a "First Friday" is coming up soon just so we can start thinking about where to go for our end-of-the-week/beginning-of-the-month cocktail.

This month we met at STIX in downtown Boston. I wanted to try out the Ten Cane Raspberry Sashimi (listed on the menu as both a cocktail and a dessert.) The "sashimi" arrived, becomingly displayed in a bento box and looking eerily like real tuna sashimi. It was made with gelatinized Ten Cane rum and raspberry puree and served with a lime-juice dipping sauce along with lime, coconut, orange and ginger sugars. Delicious tuile cookies were served on the side. The "sashimi" was surprisingly good - kind of like a high end jello shot, but not as sticky. We also ordered the cheese plate which came with three hefty portions of delicious mild-blue, a fragrant goat and a creamy brie-like selection. Each cheese was served with an accompanient such as a spicy pepper chutney, a sweet olive paste or a quince spread. It was one of the best cheese plates I've had in Boston.

At 5.30pm the bar was empty, but the place slowly began to fill as we finished our drinks. If the main courses approach the quality of the cheese platter, I'd say it's well-worth the trek downtown.

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Restaurant and Lounge
35 Stanhope Street
Boston, MA 02116

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