Thursday, November 29, 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Stationary

Due to poor management on my part I now have a horrendous case of repetitive stress in my right arm and hand. This will have to be brief.

Since Chic&Charming went high end, I'll be focusing on smaller etsy names (but no less worthy!)

Sugarcube has a small selection of adorable designs hand cut and assembled. My favorite items are the pink printed cards and the animal silhouettes against heavy brown cardstock. The porcupine printed envelopes are simple, fun and so unique!

Another favorite is Buttercream. These sweet little cards are each cut, folded, and stamped by hand, all with a touch of whimsy. Cards are decorated with sequins and sprinkled with glitter. Find sweet holiday notes of funky snowflakes and dancing penguins or use some of their swirl and bubble thank you cards for that post-holiday note writing! My personal favorite is the rainy day love note. Buttercream also has an adorable online shop!

Last, but not least is AnthroPoMorphCo. Here you'll run into Holly Jollies, Drinky-Poos and Mental Vegetables, so watch your step! But don't worry, they just want to be your friends. Check out the artist's profile. She has a cute story about how she thought she'd be a cartoonist until the 11th grade when the "theology nun" told her it wasn't really a career.

Images for each of these shops were lifted from their etsy site

Yours truly,
(until the searing pain in my arm subsides...)


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